Friday, August 24, 2012

Remodeling The Corner

A few of you might notice that some of my older articles are missing from this blog.  They are not gone, the material can now be found in my book, Creepy Corners: Searching for Truth in Paranormal Claims. 

But Carolyn... I thought this site was for educating and informing others about paranormal investigating, not to sell a book!

It still is and will remain as such.  I will continue to post relevant information and resources.  However, I have an obligation to my publisher as well, so some of the articles might be reposted in condensed form.  As always, I will respond to questions sent to me and answer the best to my ability or refer to them to people who can.

So now you're an "expert" just because you got a book published?

No.  As I have made clear on this blog, on podcasts, in my book, in person, to my cat, I do not consider myself an "expert" in the paranormal community.   There are people who bring expertise from other fields and apply it to paranormal research (professional photographers, electrical engineers, psychologists, etc.)  and I respect them and their educated opinions.  Have I done research?  Yes.  Have I learned by actively investigating?  Yes.  Have I learned relevant information from experts in other fields?  Yes.  But - I am still learning.  We all are.

I heard you will be participating in Paranormal Conventions.  Isn't that a bit hypocritical since you criticize para-celebrities?  

Attending conventions does not mean I endorse the TV shows.  First, my goal has always been to inform others and share resources to help counteract misinformation in the paranormal community.  That really can't be accomplished if only like-minded people read my material.  These events provide an opportunity to reach those who may be enamored by para TV, but are also willing to learn more about valid investigating. Second, I am obligated to promote my book and I intend to have fun meeting  people in the process.  So there.

Are you going to let this go to your head?

Yes, yes I am.  Just kidding!  I have been invited on web radio shows before this book came out, and I think it's fair to say during those discussions I focused on paranormal investigating and not me.  I even walked away from a contract which would have provided a significant audience and marketing to promote my book when it was published.  I recognize this venture is not going to make me rich or famous, but was that never my goal anyway.  Like many others, I am simply tired of all the misleading information being spewed out in the paranormal community and am trying to make a positive impact.

As always, I sincerely appreciate everyone who takes time to read my blog.  Thanks again for your support!

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