Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paranormal Resources

There are so many great resources out there that I have learned from. Here some examples for you to check out:

The Shadowlands is owned by Dave Juliano, founder of South Jersey Ghost Research and owner of The Ghost Hunter Store. This site includes a Haunted Places Index, forums, and articles.

VIPER Paranormal. Mike St. Clair has created a series of informative videos to educate paranormal enthusiasts and to call out paranormal fraud.

Haunted Hoax. Patrick Doyle is an author and also has a series of videos showing how paranormal claims can easily be hoaxed.

Midwest Haunts. Jason Sullivan also has a series of educational videos:

Midnite Walkers is a group whose website contains great information, including a series of experiments that have been circulating in paranormal research: The False Orb Experiment, The False Positive Experiment and the Shutter Speed Experiment.

Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. A gold mine of information for the serious, logic-minded investigator.

Ghost Vigil. This site contains informative articles and resources.

Paranormal Sight. A site to inform and educate about the paranormal:

Jim's Destinations. Great info about equipment and research methods as well as obtaining and analyzing evidence.

Ghost Tech. Vince Wilson is author of Ghost Science, a book on my recommended list. His site includes informative articles relating to the technology used in paranormal research.

MyPara social network and MyPara Paranormal Magazine. This network is for serious paranormal investigators who use a logical, science-based approach to their research. Great place to discuss and learn about the paranormal on the forums. The magazine covers various topics of interest for serious investigators.

Some recommended books:
Parapsychology, The Controversial Science, by Richard Broughton, Ph.D.
Paranormal Technology: Understanding the Science of Ghost Hunting,
by David M. Roundtree
Ghost Research by Dave Juliano
Strange Frequencies by Craig Telesha
Ghost Science by Vince Wilson
Orbs or Dust? by PIRA, Kenneth Biddle
Spook by Mary Roach