My interview by Maine Ghost Hunters:

My interview by Shawn Thomas of Massachusetts Paranormal Research Society:

A follow-up interview with Shawn Thomas:

My discussion with Wes Forsythe on his show Paranormal Filler:

Kenny Biddle (Author of Orbs or Dust: A Practical Guide to False Positives) reviews my book: (Warning: Kenny expresses himself with rather strong language but he is entertaining!) reviews my book:

My discussion about my book with Wes Forsythe on his show Paranormal Filler:

My converstion with host Mark Henry of The Edge of the Unknown radio show on WECK Buffalo's The Breeze.  Hours 1, 2, &3:  ttp://

My discussion with hosts Bobby Nelson and Jason Korbus of Strange Frequencies Radio:

My conversation with hosts Dave Juliano and Marti Haines from The Ghost Hunter Store on Paranormal Straight Talk:

A fun chat with friends Kenny Biddle and Lou Castillo on "Geeks and Ghosts":

I return to Paranormal Filler to chat about trends in the paranormal field with my friend Wes Forsythe:

A great conversation with Matt Haas and Tim Vickers of Paranormal Talk Radio:

A fun discussion I had on Paranormal Kool Aid about photography and paranormal investigating:

A fun conversation about critical thinking in paranormal research with Phil and Todd of Haunted Voices Radio:

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