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There are many resources out there that I have learned from, or least been entertained by, over the years. Here some examples for you to check out:


Anomalies Research Society: Network of experienced researchers of diverse backgrounds who investigate paranormal and anomalous claims. They establish validity of claims through examination and fact-checking, consulting with professionals, and documenting the cases for the purposes of education and public understanding.  Started by a geologist and photographer, they aim to provide a unique objective evaluation of paranormal and anomalous events and claims.

Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. A gold mine of information for the serious, logic-minded investigator.

The Bent Spoon Magazine:  Skeptical magazine for the true believer. The Bent Spoon hopes to foster an attitude of outreach, forming a middle ground where believers and skeptics can come together and have a conversation about the issues and questions we’ve all given thought to.

Bust That Ghost: BustThatGhost.com is a database of fake ghost, UFO, and monster images from common smart-phone applications. Use it to find out if that picture is an obvious fake.  Two ways to search through images:  1. Browse the Database  2. Search by Keyword

I am Kenny Biddle.  Paranormal investigator and skeptic Kenny Biddle has created a series of vlogs to cover various issues in the paranormal field.  Not for delicate ears or the faint of heart.

Jim's Destinations. Great info about equipment and research methods as well as obtaining and analyzing evidence.

Midnite Walkers is a group whose website contains great information, including a series of experiments that have been circulating in paranormal research: The False Orb Experiment, The False Positive Experiment and the Shutter Speed Experiment.

Mountain State Paranormal Investigations.  This group's site provides various informative articles covering important topics all paranormal investigators should be aware of.

Nyack Paranormal. This site provides excellent informative articles.  They challenge current beliefs, set up experiments to test them, apply critical thinking and review and then draw scientific conclusions from the data collected. We keep open and objective minds throughout the process. We also believe in sharing our knowledge, experience and results as a way to advance the community.

Para-Boston:  The New England Center for the Advancement of Paranormal Science.  Reference/Research Library. A great selection of information taken from Michael Baker’s personal reference library.  Studies and experiments of fringe science dating back into the mid 20th century.

Paranormal Dictionary:  Online dictionary of people, places and things in the paranormal field.

Southwest Ghost Hunters Association:  a website with great articles covering a variety of topics including history of paranormal research, analysis of paranormal "evidence", etc.  They post a library of public domain books and articles relating to the paranormal that anyone serious about paranormal research should be familiar with.

SPI: Swadlincote Paranormal Investigations is a Derbyshire based team of individuals looking for the truth behind paranormal phenomenon. Variety of articles, including explanations of common paranormal "evidence", and their own experiments in ESP.

The Shadowlands is owned by Dave Juliano, founder of South Jersey Ghost Research and owner of The Ghost Hunter Store. This site includes a Haunted Places Index, forums, and articles.

VIPER Paranormal. Mike St. Clair has created a series of informative videos to educate paranormal enthusiasts and to call out paranormal fraud.

Web Radio/TV:

Edge of the Unknown:  Host Mark Henry conducts healthy discussions about the paranormal with believers and skeptics alike.

Geeks and Ghosts: Hosts Kenny Biddle and Lou Castillo have fun discussions covering the paranormal as well as Sci-fi topics, comics and tacos.

Paranormal Filler:  Host Wes Forsythe from iHuntGhosts.com discusses various aspects of paranormal investigating.  While Wes comes from a believer's POV, he actively promotes applying skepticism to research.

Paranormal Generation:  Members of Midwest Preternatural Research investigate claims of the paranormal.

Paranormal Rehab:  Mixes up todays latest topics in the paranormal. Every Wednesday night, sit back and relax while Chuck interviews some of the top names in the biz, reviews equipment, and just hits every topic possible!

Paranormal Skeptic Academy: Skeptic Chris Webber scrutinizes paranormal "reality" shows and offers logical explanations for paranormal experiences and so-called "evidence".

Paranormal Straight Talk:  Live from The Ghost Hunter Store, hosts Dave Juliano and Marti Haines discuss various topics of the paranormal.

Paranormal Talk Radio:
Paranormal investigators Matthew J Haas & Tim Vickers broadcast educational discussions on a variety of paranormal subjects such as ghosts, paranormal investigations, science, psychology, history, cryptozoology and UFOs.

ParaRock TV: The "New PTV" has something for everyone, including "Up For Discussion" with Jeff and Shannon Sylvia.  It is webcast television with a live chat room.

Strange Frequencies Radio:  Hosts Bobby Nelson and Jason Korbus inject a healthy dose of critical thinking and scientific methodology into the paranormal field and invite believers and skeptics alike to discuss their opinions.

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