Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Brief Rant

Sometimes I am told I am kinda harsh on some para TV shows and enthusiasts. People argue with me that they are harmless fun and I "take the whole ghost hunting thing too seriously". Maybe. But today I encountered another example why it matters.

A young high school girl joined a networking site for paranormal investigators, MyPara.net. She posted ONE picture from her ONE investigation, which was nothing more than a case of paradoelia from reflections in the windows. I politely gave her my opinion on and suggested in the future she take comparison shots, etc.

Then she posts that she has launched her website. This website lists her phone number to book investigations. When other site members tried to tell her she needs to do a little more research into scientific causes of claims, she deleted her account. In other words, she has no interest in learning to be a paranormal investigator, she just wants to call herself a paranormal investigator!

She's just one girl, but the scary thing is there are plenty of people just like her out there claiming to be "experts" in the paranormal and are going into people's houses to "help" them! They may have a sincere interest, but when all their "training" consists of watching para TV shows and reading New Age books, they have NO business making such claims.

If you truly love the paranormal as much as I do, and sincerely want to help people, you will take the time and effort to thoroughly research common scientific explanations for claims BEFORE you throw up a website and call yourself an investigator. Otherwise you are doing your clients a disservice and are a detriment to the field.

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