Thursday, March 24, 2011

Picture Gallery!

Life is a learning experience and in the field of paranormal investigating, we all have to start somewhere. When starting out, it is easy to get excited and misidentify things as paranormal. I'm no exception.

A) We stopped in front of a notorious haunted house. Obviously,
we were not alone, as this ghostly mist shows.

No, we weren't alone. Someone in our group was smoking.

B) I took this picture in an area where allegedly a Native American burial ground was located. Clearly, I disturbed their rest.
Maybe, but if so, this picture isn't any indication of it. Actually, it started raining.

C) You can see two orbs. They cannot be dismissed as dust or moisture since they emit their own light source.
They emit their own light source because they ARE lights. The graves are at a crest of a hill, the lights are down below, so they look close to the ground.

D) I took this picture of a cat asleep on a table in an antique shop. The residual ghostly energy is very apparent.
This is one of my favorites. I took this picture up against the window from the outside of the shop on a misty evening.

These pictures are similar to pictures posted on some paranormal teams' websites as "evidence". As you can see, it is very important to recognize common causes of photo anomalies!!!

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