Carolyn's Creepy Book

Creepy Corners:  Searching for Truth in Paranormal Claims *

       Do ghosts exist?  Can EMF meters really detect their presence?  What does it take to become a ghost hunter?  Just how “real” are the paranormal reality shows?
These are just some of the questions Carolyn Dougherty asked when she wanted to become a paranormal investigator.    In her ongoing quest for answers to paranormal claims, one thing she learned for certain is that there is a lot of conflicting information in popular media about paranormal research.
In an effort to promote more reliable resources in the paranormal field, in Creepy Corners: Searching for Truth In Paranormal Claims, the author shares what she has learned so far from experienced science-based paranormal investigators across the country as well as her own experience as an investigator.

Cover art by Jim Roldan.

What Folks are Saying:

“This is a great read for the amateur as well as seasoned paranormal investigator and ghost hunter!” – Vince Wilson, Parapsychologist, Author of Ghost Science, Ghost Tech and Ultimate Ghost Tech

"I had to read this one solidly TWICE. This is book should be in every paranormal investigators collection and readily available for reference. Carolyn Dougherty establishes the core fundamentals and unleashes common sense for paranormal investigations and research. Get this book! " - Jonathan Wood, founder of River Cities Paranormal Society, creator of MyPara Paranormal Social Network.

Kenny Biddle (Author of Orbs or Dust?A Practical Guide to False Positives) reviews my book: (Warning: Kenny expresses himself with rather strong language but he is knowledgeable and entertaining!)

Wes Forsythe from and host of Paranormal Filler reviews my book:

* COMING SOON:  A new book, with new and updated information and more resources!